Fund Administration

Having the largest and most sophisticated capital markets in the world, alternative investments opportunities in the US attract growing attention with billions of dollars investments every year. Financial institutions such as stock transfer agents, broker dealers, custodians have been catering to issuers and investors However, their existing practices mainly involve traditional paper and spreadsheet-based methods. The current investment processes are highly fragmented and manual, which increase the time and cost of investments. The solutions of Creosafe to this problem cover almost every aspect of alternative investment space including but not limited to online subscription to the fundraising offers, fund administration, distributions to investors, investor relations.

Creosafe has extensive experience in financial services and understand the needs of the institutions.

Our SEC-grade database solution covers every aspect of fund administration and paying agent services such as:

  • New Issuance
  • Transfer of securities
  • Corporate actions
  • Conversions
  • Retirements
  • Dividends/ Split/Reverse Split/ Redemptions/ Stock Buy-backs/ Maturity
  • Distributions
  • Prenote ACH management
  • Payment Management
  • Transaction journal and audit logs